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Cat Claws offers only the best cat toys, tested by our cat experts for fun, safety and quality. We search out unique, hard-to-find cat toys that will delight your cat and keep them entertained for hours! 

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  • Eco-Friendly Toys

    Eco Friendly cat toys, made from renewable plant fibers.

  • Feather Toys

    Feathery fun for your favorite feline - feather wand toys, peacock feathers, feather ball toys and much more to delight your cat.

  • Interactive Toys

    Interactive toys are a great way for you and your cat to bond, and will provide your cat with maximum exercise. You may have more fun than your cat!

  • Fun Shapes Catnip Toys

    Catnip-filled pillows, sacks, and cushions, cute creatures, barnyard friends, snowmen, and whatknots are what you will find in this category.

  • Mouse Shaped Catnip Toys

    What cat doesn't love a good mouse chase? These ever popular mouse-shaped cat toys won't cause you a fright though - from small to large, we have just the mouse your cat has been looking for!

  • Bird Shaped Catnip Toys

    Cats love to watch birds, and they love playing with these bird shaped catnip toys even more! Look for refillable toys, toys with feathers, USA-made toys and more.

  • Fish and Friends...

    Fun fish shaped catnip toys and other creatures that dwell in the waters will delight your cat.

  • Creepy Crawly Catnip Toys

    From long snake shapes to cute little bugs, these catnip toys are fun, not frightening. Cat Claws Naturally Nip Catnip makes the difference - try it and see for yourself.

  • Refillable Catnip Toys

    Cats don't like stale catnip, so these toys feature a velcro opening so you can refill the toy with fresh catnip, giving them a significantly longer life than other toys. Durable and built to withstand lots of playtime.

  • Silly Shaped Catnip Toys

    From toy monsters to whatchamacallits to thingamajigs, if it's filled with catnip, you'll find it here. Maybe a little silly, but safe and fun for your cat, guaranteed!

  • Yummy Shapes Catnip Toys

    From refillable catnip fruits to catnip-filled "treats", if it's shaped like food, you'll find it here!

  • Holiday Catnip Toys

    Everyone deserves a festive holiday treat, especially your favorite kitty cat! These seasonal toys will bring joy to the holidays.

  • Sets of Catnip Toys

    Enjoy these economical 2 packs, 3 packs, 4 packs and more of fun, safe catnip toys!

  • Big Kickable Catnip Toys

    Purrfect for cats who like to wrestle, kick and fight with their toys. Big toys for big cats or those who are big at heart!

  • Catnip Play Balls

    A ball - the quintessential toy for kids and cats alike. These are made especially for cats with lots of catnip for lots of fun.

  • Chew Toys

    Many cats love to chew, but it's hard to find chew toys made especially for cats. Look no further - we have fun, safe chew toys sized just right for your kitty.

  • Wands and Bouncers

    Tickle your cat's fancy with these fun wand and bouncy toys. Some are for interactive play and some are for solo play - these action toys will keep your cat playing and playing!

  • Chase and Fetch Toys

    Small toys that are perfect for games of batting, chasing, fetching and catching. Kitty Twinkles, Sponge balls and much more!

  • Miscellaneous Cat Toys

    Cat toys that defy description - from laser toys to old fashioned punch balls and catnip bubbles.

  • Best Selling Cat Toys

    Our best cat toys, all in one easy-to-shop category. Cat and customer favorite toys!

  • Handmade Catnip Toys

    These handmade toys are crafted right here in our U.S. warehouse and contain our premium 100% pure Cat Claws Naturally Nip Catnip - a feline favorite for over 30 years. Your cat will love the personal touch!

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items