Yummy treats for dogs and cats, all natural cat treats, shrimp treats, chicken treats, tuna dash, tuna flakes, gourmet cat food seasonings, made in USA pet treats. Even the most finicky cat won't turn up their nose at delicious freeze dried real meat treats - healthy and natural!

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  • All-Natural Treats

    All-natural delectable treats for cats and dogs. No additives, no preservatives - just the way Mother Nature intended!

  • Healthy Snacks

    These treats taste good and are good for your cat! From treats to help with urinary tract problems to hairball remedy treats to treats that help with a stinky litter box, you'll find them all here.

  • Inaba Ciao Cat Treats

    Feed your cat something delicious and nutritious! Inaba Ciao Cat Treats use only FDA food grade meats in their cat treats, so you can be sure you're giving your cat only the best.