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  • Crazy 8 Octopus
    Crazy 8 Octopus

    Your pup will love this cute eight legs of fun! The perfect toy for...

  • Squeaky Hamburger!
    Squeaky Hamburger!

    Your Dog will love this Squeaky Hamburger!! Fun to toss and play fetch!...


Cat Claws manufactures cat scratchers, toys, catnip and oat grass kits right here in Morrilton, Arkansas, USA! Over 80% of the products we sell are made in the USA.

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  • Scratchers & Toys

    We KNOW cats and we make the best cat scratchers that cats want to scratch! From scratching posts to Scratch N Shapes, find your ideal cat scratcher here! Stop cats from scratching furniture!  We specialize in safe fun cat toys.  Most of them are made with our famous Cat Claws Naturally Nip Catnip and many are made in the USA or imported using our catnip and strict quality standards.  Many are eco-friendly,  and we have the best selection of refillable catnip toys! All cat tested and cat approved! Cat toys keep your cat entertained so they stay out of trouble! We have the best catnip toys, interactive cat toys and other toys for cats.

  • Supplies

    CatClaws offers tried and true pet supplies for your precious pets.  From cat beds and furniture made in USA, unique cat bowls and water fountains, specialized cat grooming products, the best litter mats, litter scoops and litter box liners around, cat pee odor and stain removers, healthy supplements and much more.  All products are tested by our office cats and our cat experts to ensure they work as claimed and they will be a safe, quality product for your cat or dog.

  • USA Made Items

    From basic cat scratchers, heavy-duty handmade cat trees, cool and awesome cat scratcher shapes, handmade catnip toys, organic catnip, organic cat grass kits, made-in-USA pet beds, collars and grooming products, we have all of the best Made in USA products for your pets.  Our quality is guaranteed!

  • Catnip, Treats, & Health

    Catnip is a fun and safe treat for cats - all natural. And cat oat grass seeds and kits make it easy for you to grow a healthy and nutritious snack for your pets.  Pet vitamins, hairball remedies, pet nutritional and health supplements, hairball medicine.  Supplements and vitamins for cats and dogs, including popular "treat" supplements for hairballs, arthritis, dry skin, UTIs and hip dysplasia.  

  • Other

    Check here for product closeouts, specials, bonus buys and more great products for your kitty!

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items