Cat Litter Accessories

When you scoop 20+ litter boxes a day, you learn a thing or two about keeping the litter area neat n' tidy!  We have sturdy long-handled metal litter scoops, litter box cleaners, litter mats to stop litter tracking in your home, litter box deodorizers, specialty kitty litter, cat litter sifting liners, litter box liners and more! 

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  • Cat Litter

    Brilliance cat litter, natural dust free kitty litter, non-clay cat litter, flushable kitty litter, hard to find cat litter shipped right to your door.

  • Litter Trapping Mats

    We have mats to solve all litter box problems - mats to clean litter from your cat's paws, mats to trap cat litter, mats to protect against cat urine accidents and more.

  • Litter Box Cleaners...

    Litter box cleaning wipes, litter scoop wipes, litter box deodorizer, litter deodorizer, litter spray, litter powder, cat box cleaner. Products specially formulated to clean and sanitize litter boxes, deodorize cat litter and clean a litter box quickly.

  • Litter Scoops and Liners

    Giant litter scoops, long handled litter scoop, litter box liners, litter sifting liners, cat box liners.