Cat Claws Naturally Nip Catnip - 8 oz. Bag


Our famous Cat Claws Naturally Nip Catnip is 100% pure and potent leaves and blossoms. You can't find a better catnip anywhere! Grown in the USA!

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Grown in the USA!


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Made In USA Yes
Contains Naturally Nip All Natural Catnip Yes
Resealable Bag For Freshness Yes
Best Seller! Yes

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Roughly 10-2/3 cups of dried leaves and blossoms (absolutely no filler, just pure catnip).

Uses for catnip -- refresh your cat's scratching pads, refill toys with Velcro closures, make your own cat toys, sprinkle some on your cat's bed, sprinkle in a box or basket and let your cat roll around in it!

Store in the freezer to best preserve its fragrance and potency.

USA Grown

It's interesting to note that kittens have no sensitivity to catnip! That is, until they are about 12 weeks old. By then, their olfactory receptors will have developed enough to produce the classic kitty reaction to catnip. However, some cats, due to genetics, lack the special receptors necessary to experience the effects of catnip. The sensitivity to catnip is inherited; if a kitten has only one parent who gets pleasure from catnip, then that kitten has a one-in-two chance of growing up to enjoy catnip.