M.A.X. Butterfly Cat Scratcher

M.A.X. Butterfly Cat Scratcher will adorn your home as gracefully as the real thing - but it's made for some serious scratching!

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Why buy a cheap import when you can buy a top-quality American made cat scratcher?


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Made In USA Yes
Contains Naturally Nip All Natural Catnip Yes
Saves Your Furniture! Yes

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Our flitty, flirty M.A.X. Butterfly Scratcher is just a pretty as the real thing, but made sturdy for some serious scratching and relaxing!

M.A.X. Cat Scratchers are better than other scratching posts because:

  • M.A.X. Cat Scratchers provide a place to scratch, sleep and play.
  • M.A.X. Cat Scratchers come in hundreds of fun shapes, designs and colors!
  • M.A.X. Cat Scratchers come with our 100% pure Cat Claws Naturally Nip Catnip for safe, natural kitty fun!
  • M.A.X. Cat Scratchers allow for visual scratch marking, a big reason why cats need to scratch.
  • Cats will stop scratching your furniture and scratch the M.A.X. Cat Scratcher - we guarantee it!

M.A.X. Cat Scratchers are made in the USA from renewable corrugated cardboard and are completely safe for your cat. They can be recycled and come with our 100% pure Cat Claws Naturally Nip Catnip - a feline favorite for over 30 years!
Measures approx. 20 1/2' L x 9' W x 3 1/2' H.