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Cozy Beds

Lots of pet beds and blankets, mats to protect your furniture and keep your pet warm and cozy. Cozy and unique pet beds, including the best cats bed, made in USA cat bedding and disposable cat beds.

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  • Soft Flat Mats

    Soft flat cat mats and dog mats will protect your furniture, fit into crates or cages and are easy to clean. Most are made in the USA - find top-quality washable pet beds and even easy-care disposable cat beds!

  • Deluxe Beds

    Snuggly nest beds for cats and dogs, bumper beds, thick cushiony beds, cat beds made in the USA and more luxury pet beds.

  • Snuggly Bags

    Plush bag beds, for hiding, snuggling, great for cats or small dogs who like to burrow.