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  • Standard Scratchers

    The cat scratcher that started it all - Cat Claws Scratching Pad. Made with corrugated cardboard and Cat Claws Naturally Nip Catnip right here in the USA!

  • Cat Couch and Deluxe...

    Our best selling Cat Couch and deluxe scratcher refills, deluxe wooden upright scratchers, stand up scratchers, triple scratchers and more.

  • Natural Wood Scratchers

    An assortment of natural wood trays that hold our Standard Scratching Pads, Deluxe Scratcher Inserts and Super Sleeper Inserts.

  • Super Scratchers

    Our biggest flat wood tray and insert - roomy enough for several cats and great for multiple cat homes.

  • Upright Scratchers

    Stand up scratchers for cats who like to stand up on their hind legs and scratch.

  • Furniture Shape...

    Shaped like your own furniture but sized just right for your kitty and super scratchable!

  • Hanging Scratchers

    Great, economical hanging scratchers - hang them from a doorknob or hook so your cat can stand up and scratch them.

  • Ramp Shape Scratchers

    Sloped scratchers are a cross between an upright scratcher and a flat scratcher - cats love them!

  • Animal Pals Scratchers

    Snails and puppy dog tails, cute bugs and friendly whales, you'll find adorable animal scratchers here!

  • Flat Scratchers

    Basic flat scratchers are economical - for best results, place a scratcher in every room of your house, so when your cat feels the urge to scratch, he'll have someplace to do it besides your furniture!

  • Holiday and Seasonal...

    Scratchers suited to every season - let your kitty celebrate the holidays in style!

  • Giant Shape Scratchers

    These giant scratchers are perfect for big cats, multi-cat homes, or for any spoiled little kitty.

  • Personalized Shape...

    Is your cat spoiled? Then you must have one of our personalized scratchers - made to order with your cat's name!

  • Cool and Funny Scratchers

    How about a race car for your cool cat? Or a swashbuckling pirate hat? Or maybe a funny mustache? These awesome scratchers will make your cat the envy of all his friends!

  • Curves and Contours

    These curvy, modern-looking scratchers will cradle your cat in comfort, and look great sitting in your living room.

  • Petite Scratchers

    Purrfectly sized for kittens and small cats, and purrfectly priced for your wallet!

  • Nesting 2-in-1 Scratchers

    These great 2-in-1 scratchers are like getting 2 scratchers for the price of 1. Put the scratchers in different rooms, or nest them together for storage.

  • Sporty Designs

    These cat scratcher designs will delight any sports enthusiast! Great for family rooms, dens, and man caves!