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  • Beds & Furniture

    Cat Beds, Dog Beds and Cat Furniture - from pet blankets to flat mats, heated cat beds, cozy and durable dog beds, and sturdy cat furniture.

  • Bowls & Water Fountains

    Fountains to provide fresh cat water, pet food bowls that keep messes to a minimum, and specially designed cat bowls. Pet bowls and watering fountains, placemats and other pet food accessories.

  • Collars, Crates & Tags

    Cool reflective and break-away cat collars for safety, cat walking leash and harness, collapsible cat cage and unique ID tags will help keep your cat safe and secure, at home or outdoors!

  • Grooming Products

    Grooming brushes for pets, cat wipes, bath wipes, wet wipes, eye wipes, pet dental care, teeth cleaning water additive, ear cleaner and health supplements and vitamins. Get pet grooming supplies to bathe your cats and dogs, take care of matted cat hair, clean ears, clean tear stains and more!

  • Household Helpers

    Help keep your home in tip-top shape. From stain and odor removers to pet hair cleanup and keeping the litter box neat and tidy, we have all you need to help out around the house. Pet supplies to help you live with your pets - get rid of pet stains, cat pee smell, cat litter smell, and pet hair.

  • Litter Accessories

    Specialty cat litters, litter trapping mats, litter box cleaners and deodorizers, litter scoops, litter scooping liners, litter box liners.

  • Monuments and Memorials

    Tasteful monuments and markers for cats and dogs, memorial candles and cat urns.

  • Odor & Stain Removers

    Pet odor removers, pet stain removers, carpet cleaners and deodorizers, sanitizing powder for litter boxes, beds and kennels.

  • Travel Essentials

    Items to make travel with your cat safe and enjoyable!