Give back with Imperial Cat!

Visit your local animal shelter & bring home a new feline friend today!

Not able to adopt a new kitty? That's okay, there are many other ways to support
your local shelter, so give them a call and find out how you can lend a hand in saving the
lives of abused, neglected and abandoned animals!

Looking for an easy way to support the thousands of kitties awaiting forever homes
at animal shelters nationwide? Imperial Cat will ship a case of 20 Adopt-a-Cat
Scratchers to the shelter of your choice for only $25 with free shipping!

adopt a cat pads
To Order:

Call: 1-800-783-0977
(ask for Kristie)

Email: info@imperialcat.com

The shelter environment can be extremely stressful to cats awaiting a forever home--
imagine living in a small metal cage, in an unfamiliar place, with your worst enemy
barking in the background! Scratching helps alleviate stress and boredom, but it also
allows the cat to stretch its muscles, keep its claws honed and healthy, and marks its
territory both visually and through scent -- all basic instinctual needs.

For more information about Imperial Cat's Give Back programs visit
www.imperialcat.com and click the "Give Back" link.

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IMPORTANT: You must enter the address for the Shelter in the "Comments" section of the shopping cart